Michael has worked as a producer, recording + mixing engineer, and musician for over 15 years, both as a freelance operator and studio owner. He is known for his vision and energy, and has produced a wide array of genres, from country to indie to hip hop.


In 2016 as producer of the album Become for L-FRESH THE LION was nominated for an ARIA award for best urban album. He co-produced, recorded and mixed the debut single by Little May, Boardwalks, which has had almost 70 million streams on Spotify alone. As a session musician he has played piano, organ, synth, bass, guitar, percussion and drums on hundreds of tracks.


Michael has also composed music for television, short films, documentaries and many artists across a wide variety of genres. He has proven himself to be an integral part of the production process and not only supports the artists, but helps them grow in their songwriting and performance.



With 40 years experience at the highest levels of the music industry, David has worked with many of the biggest artists in the world today, including The Killers, Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Green Day, Pink, Maroon 5, Ryan Adams, Pink, 30 Seconds To Mars, KISS, Keith Urban, Lily Allen, John Mayer and many more.


David’s passion for great sounding records is matched only by his love of working with great people, and making sure everyone is comfortable at all times during the recording process. Send us an email about getting David to engineer and/or mix your next session.




Originally from Sydney, Daniel has spent over 10 years singing and playing guitar across Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Glasgow, Auckland, Melbourne and most recently Sweden, London, Tioman Island and Railay Beach.


Throughout his career, Daniel has consistently won over audiences with his music, voice, energy and fun attitude. Daniel comes to Vienna People with a wealth of studio experience with his own projects plus the likes of Silver Love Club, St Leonards and many others.




Ritchie is our technical wizard and electronic dance  music expert.


Owner of Studious Solutions, Ritchie designs and builds studios from both an acoustic treatment perspective as well as a technical one. His clients include St Leonards TAFE Film and TV school (surround mixing theatre and TV studio), World Nomads Podcasting Studio, and many other well known voiceover and production studios.


He has extensive expertise on both Mac and PC, and specialises in digital consoles and computer integration with Ableton, Protools, Logic, FL Studio, Reason, Cubase and more.


As a DJ and performer Ritchie has played countless festivals, raves and nightclubs including Home Sydney, Club 77, Sublime, Earthcore Festival Victoria as well as Earthdance Festivals in Australia, New Caledonia and India.


As a producer and engineer Ritchie has worked with Ken Hensley (Uriah Heap), Great Big Events (music for the Glasgow Olympics), Juggernaut, Bumble, Verse and Infinite Dreams and many others.