808’s and FIFA breaks

808’s and FIFA breaks

Yo Vienna Peeps! This weeks blog comes at you from three very painted/ turpentine soaked individuals (There’s probably a song in that).

We’ve been recording again with Mr Luke Escombe, who has returned from his northern musical expedition to Mackay. The studio can get too much for many artists, and this week when Luke exclaimed quite loudly at the Playstation 3 that Sonic (the hedgehog) was ‘Just another Fascist’, we knew it was time to record a bangin’ hip hop tune from Luke’s forthcoming live show about growing up. We’ve almost finished mixing and mastering two of Luke’s previous gigs – Chronic Symphonic + Chronical – both proof that the funny and the intensely emotional walk hand in hand as old friends do.

Painting has dominated out last week, and thanks to help from the lovely Lucy Everden, we have managed to paint all our doors and the entire entranceway. Just quietly, it looks pretty schmick, and after the nightmares of drowning in paint have subsided, one can really appreciate the immediate change in vibe of the whole space. Here are a few snaps of our handy work!

This is a picture of our Playstation3 remotes having a much deserved break from being physically handled on our NEW lounge, always under the watchful eye of the VP angel! It has taken up residence in our new retro/chill out room. Lounges have names in the 21st century, this one is known only as ‘The Peanut’ – it has the benefit of being both comfortable, trendy with the kids, and wacky. Ticking.all.the.boxes.

With all our home improvements almost finished, we’ve got some pretty massive news – (if you’re standing, sit immediately). WE HAVE VIENNA PEOPLE MUGS. This is one of 54 selfies Scotty took in order to get something passable – you’ll notice its still quite blurry and blocks his crowd favourite beard. The next time you are at Vienna People, you will have the opportunity to drink a hot or cold liquid from one of these genius marketing tools at zero cost. This comes with a money back guarantee that all things taste sweeter at Vienna people. Come and have a tea with us this week if you’re in the area!

Sunday was spent again in pre-production for the Lisa De Angelis EP being recorded in September – we laid down some vocals, arranged some lovely Cello bits and pieces, and played with guns, mugs, and gun mugs. We’re pretty excited for the world to hear these songs, and THESE WORDS, which will absolutely blow your mind

Finally, we will be having a party very soon! We’re going to invite everyone who we’ve worked with in the last year, some new faces, everyone from the record label and a bunch of industry cats – it will be a celebration of the end of Dry July, of a few secrets we have up our sleeve, and a chance to show you all the new look Vienna People. Stay tunes for dates. If you’re lucky these three blokes might just beat you at FIFA

What we’re listening to this week –
1. Brand New – I will play my game beneath the spin light
2. Silverchair – Barbarella
3. House of Pain – Jump around
4. Luke Escombe and the Corporation – Devil
5. Lisa De Angelis – Stella, I’m bleeding
6. Arrested Development – People Everyday
7. A A Bondy – When the devil’s loose
8. The Eagles – The last resort
9. Mighty Mighty Bosstones – The impression that i get
10. Salt’n’Pepa – Push it
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