Very Vienna

Very Vienna

What is up, you fine specimens of humanity!

The girls from Little May were back at Vienna People this week to finish off their EP with some vocals. Great news for the girls with lots of buzz about their debut single they did with us, check out Liz’s first ever interview on the Sunday wash up with Dave. Go to their EP launch and have beers with us!!

Last night we had the absolute pleasure of recording a demo for the wonderful Ellana Hickman, with the help of our good mate and renowned mix engineer David Richards. The song really blew us away, Ellana’s guitar rhythm is phenomenal and her lyrics are haunting and brittle. Ellana is starting to pull together material to record an EP later in the year!  A bright future awaits this one!!

The Khanz are a band on the verge of something huge – after nailing support slots for San Cisco, Faker, Bluejuice, Hungry Kids of Hungary, Sticky Fingers, Dappled Cities, Catcall, Guineafowl, Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire!, Founds and Set Sail, and loads of FBI  play, they’re ready to explode.

We’ve been working with them on a single due for release later in the year – a huge track called ‘Falling Apart’. This band has a serious live presence. Check out two of their single here and here, and put on a onesie and dance like no one is watching.

We had a week of home improvements! Our chill out room is ready for party times – the PS3 is fired up, movies are ready to be watched, and comfort is ready be to had. We now have a really cool space for artists to take much needed breaks from recording and mixing in style, and we also provide the service of ‘letting you win’ at FIFA (we are so crap).

If you have any music DVD suggestions for us to get, let us know! This is Spinal tap has already been purchased obviously.

This week sees us repainting heaps of the studio with some insane colours and new furniture arriving – come visit us and sit.

Vienna People Top 10 this week!

1. The Khanz – Prescription Culture
2. Brand New – Noro
3. Castlecomer – The Lone Survivor
4. The Smashing Pumpkins – Mayonaise
5. Jess Dunbar – Fix it
6. Jeff Buckley – Dream Brother
7. A A Bondy – When the devil’s loose
8. Alkaline Trio – I, Pessimist
9. Deadmau5 – Everything before
10. The Doors – Crawlin’ King Snake

We love you!

Mike and Scotty

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