All aboard the Vienna train

All aboard the Vienna train

Stop! Blog time!

Tracking continued this week with Mary and the Banks – bass, acoustic guitars and most importantly MANDOLIN was put down with much ease, thanks to some great playing from Zane + Jy! We are looking forward to some wild electrics this week, before unleashing the vocals Mary has been keeping locked away 🙂

Michael got to meet Kelly Clarkson after playing in front of 25,000 at the Deni ute muster – unfortunately she ignored his advances because she prefers engineers over producers (makes sense)

The coming week for us sees recording of brass for the Big Ol’ Bus band tonight and tomorrow, followed by the mixing of that album before mastering next week.

We have a big announcement coming up very soon, involving our movement into other sectors of the music industry, you’ll be very excited to hear it we promise!

Have a good week Vienna Humans!

What we’re listening to this week;

1. Strung Out – Here we are
2. Gotye – Save me
3. Heavens – Dead end girl
4. Joe Kelly – In perilous times
5. New Found Glory – Truth of my youth
6. The Presets – Ghosts
7. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Wet Sand
8. Rage against the Machine – Sleep now in the fire
9. The Mars Volta – Wax Simulcara

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