2014 – Well played, January

2014 – Well played, January

Happy new year Vienna People! We have missed all your lovely faces while getting some delicious R+R! 2014 started with a bang, January was a cracker, we met some brilliant musicians and continued work on some great records.

Mr McGlynn, our owner, producer and all-round life hero spent the first couple of weeks of the year on a beach, managing to throw his shoulder out in a studio cricket related impersonation. Dolphins were watched, wine was matched with all foods, and being underwater was required for at least an hour every day.





Next came our new best friend Callum Wylie – his song ‘Forever’ struck a chord (ha) even in a demo listen, and it was great to spend a few days working on really capturing the space in his music, as well as consistently talking about beards, and playing cricket (Callum, if you read this, go and get the ball from the roof you hit it on). We’re really happy with the verb soaked, djembe featuring, harmony driven tune we ended up with – look out for Mr Wylie playing shows around town, and give the song a listen when its out in feb! Big thanks to both Monique Clark and Beau Harris for coming to VP and helping engineer the project.






Lisa De Angelis and her quirky brand of Americana pop was back in VP continuing work on her debut release last week. We spent a bunch of time working on the backing vocal arrangements for the song ‘Stella, i’m bleeding’ and we’re all very stoked on the results.  😉 We’re getting pretty close to knocking this record out and getting it in your ear holes, and that’s very exciting! Thanks to Lisa for her love of ‘Walk the line’, which made breaks full of Johnny Cash love


One of the best projects we were involved with in 2013 was mixing the LA tracked ‘Waste, i won’t’ EP from Anabelle Kay – her ridiculously powerful and beautiful voice intertwining amongst dark country style tunes and brilliant lyrics were instantly encapsulating. Anabelle came back to VP on tuesday to demo all her new material (all the songs are blinders), as well as record the bonus live track available for download when she starts her national tour in march. Anabelle is supported by a killer band, all great multi-instrumentalist, backing vocalists, with great hair and musical chops to match.


We were commissioned over the last couple of days to record a contemporary version of the Slim Dusty classic ‘G’day, G’day’, for IGA’s australia day ‘G’day’ campaign. Given our big sense of community at VP, we decided to get a bunch of independent artists we’ve been working on to come and sing it (its like we are the world, but straya style). We feel particularly blessed to have such a brilliant artist support network of friends who collaborate, write and record and play together, and all are brilliant at street cricket. Keep an eye out for the ‘behind the scenes’  video and the song (available for free download RIGHT HERE) from the IGA Facebook and youtube channel.

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Looking forward to beginning the Alex Hopkins pop record next monday, and finishing up track for Gerard Masters, and mixing the L-FRESH the LION album this weekend!

We love you x

Mike and Scotty

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