Studio Daze!

Studio Daze!

I don’t know if you’re ok with this, but i really like Matchbox 20 – often i will blast them offensively loudly at barbecues. And you just have to deal with that. They have a song called ‘Long Day’. The film clip has a man walking a camel through Los Angeles. It feels appropriate this month in several ways.


huck hopkins


Our days from the start of the month have been spent working with the man of many outfits – Alex Hopkins. His second release is a pop, soul r’n’b style offering of soaring melodies and funky grooves. We’ve got the drums and some keys down, moving on to bass with Harry Brus, and then the fun of vocals begins! Our lunchtime FIFA tournament has been in full swing, the mighty fist of Vienna People goal scoring brilliance is somehow being thwarted by Alex’s frustratingly delicious attacking style. The chalkboard stands at 26-21 with a few days to play. Wish us luck, and feel free to share any FIFA tips you might have. We’re getting nervous :/




l fresh


Vienna People Recordings artist L-FRESH the LION‘s debut album has a release date. I’m not telling you it, though. It’s soon, in the scheme of things! It has 13 tracks! Our nights have been spent mixing the record –  a diverse record of bangin’ tracks and powerful messages.   The third single from the record was finished mere hours ago, it’s bangin’ in all the right places, with lyrics to match. Yes, ladies, it features the Vienna People duo of Mike and Scotty on Backing vocals, and yes, we will sign things.   This record has been a long haul, a labour of immense love, and we’ve never been more proud, or excited to share anything with you. Its had some of our favourite artists play and sing on it, and there’ll be some very exciting news about its release in the coming weeks. ITS HUUUUGE.






[youtube url=”″]

IGA have enlisted the help of Vienna People for a few projects lately – a modern take on the Slim Dusty classic ‘G’Day, G’Day’ which you can watch (and laugh at our cricket skills) here, and the newest IGA/VP brainchild is a Valentines Day love fest. On Valentines Day, you can sweet a special love message to someone you adore, hashtag #IGAlovesongs and the VP team will turn it into a delicious song for you. Check the above for a little taste! Three of our fav artists – Luke Escombe, Joe Kelly, Jess Dunbar, and of course the mighty Vienna People captain Michael McGlynn want to serenade your loved ones, so tweet on!




Speaking of Jess Dunbar, a songstress with a voice like golden syrup and ridiculously rockin’ band who have her back, she recorded 3 new tracks here last week, ‘Honey Cheat’, ‘Become’, and ‘The Rain’. We love Jess’ songwriting, her melodies are encapsulating, and lyrically they are interesting and mature. Jess thrives in the studio, more than once she was caught drinking coronas in Scotty’s dinosaur onesie yelling at her phone. You’re weird, J-Bar.




Maybe you haven’t head of Joe Kelly yet, but you’ve quite possibly read his writing – he was a political journalist with the Australian for the last few years. Joe has given up his life as a shaper of political discussion for the land of melody – he’s been recording his debut album ‘Hard love and tender violence’ over a number of sessions all over the lands, and its nearing its completion. In the midst of writing this i am listening to a track called ‘The Toil and the Pain’ – produced by Mike at 301 studios, with a huge choir recorded at the studio in L.A. Joe’s songwriting is transcendent – complex and yet engaging, honest and aloof, quirky, morose, and emotional. Although not pictured, Joe wears hats a lot. Hats suit Joe. Mixing continues till the 24th!



Happy Valentines, you babes.


Mike + Scotty


What we’re listening to –

– Coldplay – The Scientist

– Tom Waits – Heart attack + Vine

– The Best Believes – Benjamin

– Alkaline Trio – Over and Out

– L-FRESH the LION – Victory

– Matt Price – No Dice

– The Khanz – Deerhunter

– Little Deed – Neon

– Callum Wylie – Hold Me




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