Valentines Day Tweets turned into lovesongs IN REAL TIME!

Valentines Day Tweets turned into lovesongs IN REAL TIME!


On the love-iest day of the year, Vienna People Recording Studios in Sydney, Australia got together with supermarket chain IGA and the agency Razorfish, to turn tweets  into romantic love songs that tweeters could share with their loved ones –  IN REAL TIME. Over 7  hours, the teams grabbed the tweets as they came in, created the tunes in a matter of minutes, recorded them and tweeted them straight back to their senders. The idea of course, in our bustling lives, V-day can often be a last minute effort for lovin’ – what better way than with a personalised tune sung by pros in a matter of minutes!




Musicians Lionel Cole (songwriter and band member of Mariah Carey for many years), Jess Dunbar, Joe Kelly, Luke Escombe and Vienna People owner Michael McGlynn created 34 songs in just under 7 hours, and average of 1 every 10-ish minutes! The buzz in the global twitterverse was alive with Twitter Australia even tweeting a love tune back to the group of songbirds, and ten time multi platinum award winning children’s band the Wiggles requesting a song of their very own.



From country, to hip hop, from rock to blues, from dance to folk, the songbirds had it all – 30 seconds of heartfelt, silly and emotional musings – all the things Valentines are about! Check them out here ( or watch below!







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