Old friends and new beginnings!

Old friends and new beginnings!

Some of the best times ever at Vienna People this fortnight. Bliss Bliss Bliss.


joekellyPart time The Religion frontman Joe Kelly has been working with Vienna People on his debut release ‘Hard Love + Tender Violence’ – a 15 track stunner full of exceptional songwriting and some of the most incredible vocals you will have ever heard. Joe draws inspiration from the likes of Tom Waits, Robert Plant, and Andrew Lloyd Webber, crafting 15 stories of interesting characters making their way through turbulent and perilous times – with the curses of alcohol and violent behaviour clipping steadily at their heels.

His worlds and words are dense and engaging, full of the blackest of humour and deepest of nights. We’re excited to say the album will initially be a vinyl release only, so dust off those needles and get ready for the warmth of the spinning record. It’s the final mixing day at this very moment – off to mastering with King Willy Bowden next week!






If it was raining and you climbed a rock in the forest, you’d likely find Ainsley Farrell at the top, spinning melodies in the storm. Her songs are like secrets at the end of a long day. It’s hard to pick your children, but the folky/gospel-y record we did for Ainsley’s debut is the up there with best things i’ve ever worked on. It’s like a concoction of Juno and O, Brother, where art thou, of the deep south and the clouds over the ocean. Her 15+ song debut album will be out this year, and we have some exciting news to share about its release in the next couple of weeks 😉






We’ve cornered the market on meditative recording – yes. We recorded a free 21 day meditation course for our new friend Claire Obeid this week – her holistic health guide ‘The Wellness Project’ is pretty amazing. Sorry to Claire for falling asleep that one time. That one time over and over again. Heaps.



lincoln‘Lincoln’ started her debut EP entitled ‘Fading Light’ this week at Vienna People. Its a quirky, dark piano fuelled record full of wild sounds and wicked vocals. We’ve got the next two weeks with Lincoln, crafting a 5 track release ready for release in the next couple of months.


We taught her FIFA this morning. She scored the best goal we’ve ever seen at 1224pm. Sigh.

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