Marching Onwards

Marching Onwards

…get it? MARCHing onwards? Because it’s a good positive summary of our lives at the moment AND  a play on the name of the month that we are currently in. hahaha lol psmlroflmao



M blog

Emily ‘My Little Pony enthusiast’ Harrison has been putting in work at Vienna People for the last 10 days, crafting her debut EP ‘Visions of a Fading Light’ – a 5 track piano centred, industrial/electro/pop offering with sprinkles of haunting cellos laden throughout.  Emily (pictured) is not only a delicious songwriter/human, but her hand-eye coordination is solid – in the VP Olympic event recently (including TiFa, Alley golf, Classic Catches, FiFa 13) she received a Bronze medal – pretty impressive for her debut.

This record will be out in the next few months – very excited for you to hear it!




quantam force


If you’re free tonight, the brutal sounds of Quantum Force (featuring Bret Chan + Michael McGlynn) will be featuring at a gig at level 3 Gallery, 28 Broadway. They’ll be performing their tunes ‘Crazy town, population everyone’, ‘Icarus’ and ‘Geronimo’. If you like beats so bangin’ they enslave your body, and experiencing your music aurally and visually, these dudes will blow your mind. And they’ll likely be wearing costumes. They’re on at 830 – come and have a beer with me.





willy mike

Our mate and Vienna People partner King Willy Bowden moved to Launceston – while initially we berated him behind his back for this decision, it seem we may have jumped the gun. The Bossman headed off to Tassie on Monday to visit the Grammy winning hero, and master the jJe Kelly record we’ve been recording for a very long time. 2 days spent with friends, listening to tunes, wine-o-ing, playing with the pups + kitties, and flying foxes. Turns out Tasmania is quite a beauty. Great job Mike on reading his flight times wrong and spending 4 hours unsupervised at Launy airport. He ate a pie during the wait time. Not sure what kind. I’ll ask him and post it in the comments.




autralia map


ROOOOAAADDDD TRIIIPPPPPP. I’m leaving it all behind next week, road trippin’ with my favourite ally to all of the areas pointed to in this incredibly detailed map –> I hope to see all of the creatures expressed in this photograph.

Armed with an esky, a tent with a picture of a monster on it, camp chairs, and all the beers in the universe – we will be taking the south-eastern part of our country by storm. Look out Bairnsdale. Get ready Eden. Prepare for the storm, Tilba Tilba. I’m coming for you.






Bloody love all you lot


Mike and Scotty



1. A A Bondy – On the Moon

2. Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer

3. Ainsley Farrell – Salt/Swallowing Sea

4. Dylan Orsborn – Grace

5. Brand New – Play Crack the Sky

6. Eels – Railroad Man

7. Britney Spears – Oops, I did it again (YOLO)

8. Placebo – Too many friends

9. Fall Out Boy – thnks fr th mmrs

10. L-FRESH the LION – Survive

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