Recording & Mixing

Whether you want to record a podcast, a demo, a rehearsal or a full live band, we have a mixture of classic old school gear and the latest modern technology to give you whatever sound you want. Old ribbon microphones for that classic sound. Beautiful modern mics and clean pre-amps for that current sound. We always match the sound to the style of music – no style of music is unwelcome as long as it’s good!

We have a large control room and two live rooms with great separation and full line of sight throughout. We have a Hammond Organ with Leslie speaker, a beautiful Kawai upright piano, an in-house Pearl masters custom kit and a bunch of classic guitars and basses. We run Protools and Logic, with all the plugins and toys needed to make super fat, crisp tracks for all genres.

Our engineering team of Michael McGlynn, David Richards, Daniel Romeo and Ritchie Jay have got all styles of music covered – we have a ton of experience recording and mixing old school jazz, rock, trance and house, edm, hiphop, folk, heavy metal, punk, blues, pop and soul.

Listen to some of our records here

Music Production

The role of the music producer is extremely simple – the producer is there to make the recordings of you and your songs better than you could have ever dreamed of. You and the producer will work together right from the beginning to form the vision for the project, right through to the point of listening to the final masters. At Vienna People we’re with you every step of the way. We work with you to create the sound, the atmosphere, the emotion, the vibe. We’ll help to get the best from the musicians and vocalists. A great record is nearly all about performance, and performance can be enhanced greatly with the right producer.

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Writing, Video & Creative

If you need help with co-writing songs, writing your creative content, crafting a press release, or creative video ideas, our team is able to bring out the best in you and your musical projects.

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